Below Market Value Property (BMV)

BMV is an abbreviation for Below Market Value. A number of our property investment opportunities are available at BMV. This means you are investing in a property at a discounted price. This obviously will increase your return on investment. The reason for BMV properties is usually to do with the seller. The seller usually is willing to take offers that are BMV if they are looking to sell quickly. This can be or a number of reasons, such as relocation, family issues or they just don’t want the hassle of selling anymore! This opens up fantastic investment opportunities for our customers to get a serious return on investment.

The team at Opulent Invest has been finding the very best genuine Below Market value properties for many years now, with over 35 years of property investment experience we ensure that these investment opportunities are the best around. We find that the majority of BMV properties are 25% lower than original market prices, but some properties can go to as much as 40% below original market value. Before we offer any BMV properties to our customers we ensure to do a full report and check of the property to ensure there is nothing wrong with it and no hidden features which lower property prices. We then make this available for our customers to view, therefore customers can feel comfortable and trusted that the property they are investing in is in fact a great find and investment.

If you are looking to maximise your return on investment a very good option is looking into properties BMV. This is because you get a better valued property for your money. An example of this would be a property which market value price is £200,000 but being able to purchase it for £175,000 due to whatever issue the seller has. Therefore you have a £200,000 property for £175,000 which allows you to get more return on investment compared to buying a £175,000 valued property for its market price of £175,000. Opulent Invest are experienced and comfortable in finding the best BMV properties, so why not give us a call and see if we have one to suit your needs.


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The UK property market is heating up, continued investment from Arabic, Chinese and Russian investors coupled with strong local demand means the growth in the UK market is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.