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260 K
Avg. Property Price
£ 110 K
Average rent PCM
£ 950
Growth in Rent Prices
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Why Invest in Leicester Property?

If you’re looking to expand your buy-to-let investment portfolio in one of the UK’s dynamic cities, Leicester is a compelling option.

Ranked among the top cities to live in the UK, Leicester has seen significant development in recent years, making it an attractive place for both Britons and internationals. Known for its diverse culture, rich history, and strong economy, Leicester also boasts a vibrant arts scene and excellent shopping and dining options.

Leicester is home to two major universities: the University of Leicester and De Montfort University. The University of Leicester is highly ranked globally, according to The Times Higher Education 2023 University Rankings. The city has a student population of over 35,000, including many international students, making it a prime market for student rentals.

Leicester has remained a steady property investment over the last two decades, thanks to its appeal to renters from across the country. With its cultural richness, job opportunities, and economic growth, more people are flocking to Leicester. As homes increase in demand and rental prices rise, now is an excellent time to invest in Leicester’s property market.

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Leicester has consistently been a strong property investment, attracting people from all over the world. Its economic output generates £30 billion a year (source), and the city is set to provide thousands of new jobs over the coming years. The city’s commitment to economic growth and development makes it a property hotspot, providing high and steady returns on investment for those looking to expand their property portfolio.

Leicester’s house prices have seen significant growth over the last two decades, driven by increased investment in the city.


Promising Areas for Property Investment in Leicester

Cultural Quarter

The Cultural Quarter has become increasingly popular with renters in Leicester, thanks to high levels of investment. This area, known for its vibrant arts scene and historical significance, is undergoing regeneration to create a dynamic urban space with new homes and amenities. This ongoing development is making the Cultural Quarter an attractive area for property investors.

New Walk

New Walk, a picturesque and historic part of Leicester, is seeing rising demand due to its unique charm and proximity to the city centre. The area’s blend of beautiful Georgian and Victorian architecture with modern developments makes it popular with young professionals and families.


Westcotes, known for its diverse community and lively atmosphere, is undergoing significant regeneration. The area is attracting young professionals and students, thanks to its affordable property prices and convenient location near the city centre. This makes Westcotes a promising area for property investment with strong potential for rental yields.


The Riverside area of Leicester is set for major redevelopment, with plans to transform it into a thriving urban neighbourhood. The project aims to provide new homes, commercial spaces, and green areas, enhancing the appeal of this already popular location. With its scenic views and excellent transport links, Riverside is poised for significant growth in both property prices and rental demand.

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What's Fuelling The Growth In Leicester


In the past three years, Stafford has seen in excess of 1000 new businesses make the town its home (source). This has helped support a range of established industry sectors, as well as strong research and development in engineering, electronics, materials, and medical sciences. Stafford remains one of the larger towns throughout the county and is one of the most primary hubs for people to live and work (source). Ultimately, this makes it an attractive investment for property investors over the coming years.


The town has seen significant regeneration projects in recent years and is projected to in the future. The Stafford Station Gateway regeneration scheme will provide new homes, businesses, a multi-story car park and various leisure facilities to unutilised land surrounding the railway station. Meanwhile, Levelling Up funding of £20 million has been secured for the 28-hectare site to unlock its full potential (source). Such funding has made it a more attractive place to live, making it a great investment for property investors.


Stafford Borough has a population of over 137,000 people with a further three million living within 45 minutes drive time (source). This increased by 4.5% from 2011 (source). Whilst its population growth is slower than that of other major cities, Stafford is still popular with people of all age ranges. Young working professionals take advantage of its connected routes, meanwhile, people of retirement age settle in Stafford to appreciate the town’s rich history, range of facilities, and its many countryside walks.

Education Est.

Stafford College became the first further education provider in England to achieve top grades in every area of Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (EIF) (source). The college has also recently announced a £23m planned investment into a new skills and innovation hub – Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group (source). A new Institute of Technology for the Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group is also being built on part of the Gateway site – supported by £13 million of government funding and backed by Keele University, Siemens, and Dell among others (source).


Stafford is a town with key connected routes for those traveling up and down the county and ultimately, through the midlands. It boasts connections such as London, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, and Manchester (source). This has attracted many young working professionals to the area, especially popular with those looking for cheaper places to live whilst still being able to work in major cities. As such, it’s a great pursuit for property investors looking for high rental yields with long-term leases. 

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Leicester is a thriving city with a strong local economy, driven by sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and education. The presence of prominent universities, like the University of Leicester and De Montfort University, contributes to a steady demand for rental properties from students. Additionally, Leicester’s ongoing regeneration projects and improved infrastructure enhance its appeal for both investors and renters.

In Leicester, you can expect a diverse range of tenants. The city is home to a large student population due to its universities, making student rentals a lucrative option. Besides students, young professionals, families, and international residents also make up a significant portion of the rental market. This diversity ensures a consistent demand for rental properties across various segments.

Yes, property prices and rental yields in Leicester are expected to increase. The city’s ongoing development projects, population growth, and economic stability contribute to a robust property market. As demand for housing continues to rise, property values and rental yields are likely to see sustained growth, making Leicester a sound investment choice.

The best areas for property investment in Leicester depend on your investment goals. For high rental yields, consider areas near the universities, such as Clarendon Park and Stoneygate, which are popular with students. For long-term capital growth, areas like the city centre, Knighton, and Oadby offer strong potential due to their desirable amenities, transport links, and ongoing development projects.

When buying property in Leicester, you should account for several additional costs:

  • Legal fees: Typically ranging between £1,500 and £3,000.
  • Stamp duty: Payable to HMRC based on the property’s value.
  • Survey fees: For property assessments.
  • Agent fees: If applicable.
  • Maintenance and management fees: For maintaining and managing rental properties.

These costs are essential to consider to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your investment.

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