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Why Invest in Manchester Property?

If you’re looking to expand your buy-to-let investment portfolio in one of the UK’s biggest and brightest cities, look no further than Manchester.

Ranked in the top 50 cities to live in on the Global Liveability Index 2023, the vast development of Manchester in recent years has made it an attractive place to live both Britons and internationals. Most notable for its architecture, culture, media links and musical exports – Manchester also placed number 15 in Time Out’s Top 50 Best Cities in the World Survey 2024.

Manchester is home to three renowned universities, with the University of Manchester ranking 51 in the world out of 1,900 institutions, according to The Times Higher Education 2023 University Rankings. The city boasts a student population of 100,000; 27,000 of which are international – making it one of the largest student populations in Europe (source).

Manchester has remained a steady property investment over the last twenty years, due to its popularity with renters all over the country. Thanks to its culture, job opportunities and economic growth, more and more people are flocking to Manchester. As homes increase in demand and rental prices grow, the best time to invest in Manchester’s property market is now.


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Manchester has consistently been a great property investment, attracting people from all over the world. Its economic output generates £86 billion a year (source), and the city is set to provide 65,000 more jobs by the year 2036 (source). The city’s commitment to economic growth and development makes it a property hotspot. Ultimately, it provides a high and steady return on investment for those looking to expand their property portfolio.

Manchester Evening News revealed that the city’s house prices have increased more than anywhere else in the county over the last two decades. This is likely the result of increased investment in the city.

Areas within Manchester that show promising signs of development and growth include:


Ancoats has become increasingly popular with renters in Manchester, thanks to the high levels of investment the area has received. More than £30 million has been secured for the final phase of the area’s regeneration project, which is set to create a sustainable urban neighbourhood of 1,500 homes (source). The project itself aims to provide a connected network of streets and green spaces – working to complement Ancoats’ existing culture and historical infrastructure with modern amenities. 


According to the Salford City Council website, Salford’s population is growing at a rate that no other area in the North of England can match. Thanks to its own recent development and regeneration, the city expects to generate 40,000 new homes and 40,000 new jobs by 2040. The city is home to an expanding media hub; including the BBC and ITV studios -contributing to Salford’s increased economic growth. With lower house prices and high rental costs, Salford is one of the most profitable cities to invest in. 


Right at the heart of Manchester’s city centre lies Spinningfields – a vibrant hub with opportunities for rest, work and play. The regeneration of the area began in the early 2000s, with an objective to transform the space into a new business community. The project cost £1.5 billion in total (source), and has proved to be an attractive area for local businesses and young working professionals.

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What's Fuelling The Growth in Manchester


Manchester city’s economic output generates £86 billion a year – making it one of the best cities in the country for economic growth outside the UK (source). The city is set to provide 65,000 more jobs by the year 2036 (source), promising demand for accommodation amongst working professionals. This suggests strong economic growth that promises the best conditions for property investment. 


Regeneration projects within Manchester have increased exponentially over the past two decades, and funding is still being secured. Thanks to its improvement in green and public spaces, as well as infrastructure, Manchester’s regeneration has made it an attractive property hotspot for both young working professionals and families. Manchester rental yields currently sit between 6-7%, making it a great investment opportunity (source)


With more and more employment opportunities presenting themselves every year, young working professionals are making the move to Manchester – where they can enjoy opportunities for both work and play. The latest Greater Manchester Forecasting Model from Manchester City Council shows that we should expect the population of Manchester to grow from its current level of approximately 553,000 to more than 625,000 in the next five years. This is great news for property investors, as the demand for homes mean return on investment is higher than it’s been before.

Education Est.

74% of Manchester’s population aged 16-64 is in employment (source), with these numbers set to increase over the next few years as the amount of job opportunities increase. Educational opportunities are vast, with the Russell Group University of Manchester attracting students far and wide. This provides a great opportunity for property investors, as overseas students typically seek high-quality private, rented accommodation.


Manchester offers an extensive range of public transport options. From its tram service running all day and connecting people to 99 different stops – to its free bus service operating around the city centre, Manchester is an attractive destination for those looking to stay connected without compromising low travel costs. For renters, this is especially ideal due to higher rental costs – as they can save money while still being able to get from A to B.


Yes, Manchester is a good place to invest property. As the third largest city in England, Manchester is a hub for students, working professionals, and families alike. Since 2015, the Greater Manchester Council Authority (GMCA) has invested
£1.2 billion through its investment fund since 2015; supporting local businesses, and the creation of new homes (source).

No, property prices will not fall in Manchester. In fact, the JLL Big Six Residential Report advises that property prices will increase by 5% in the year 2028 as demand for homes increase and economic output grows.

The type of tenant you can expect in Manchester largely depends on where you choose to invest. Most investors focus on the City Centre or Salford Quays. In these areas, the typical target tenants are young professionals who want to live and work in the heart of Manchester. Additionally, there are young families, established families, and a growing student population. Manchester offers a diverse pool of prospective tenants, ensuring a steady demand for rental properties.

Yes, rents in Manchester are likely to increase. According to the Office of National Statistics, the average monthly rent in Manchester was £1,214 in May 2024, up from £1,083 in 2023, representing a 12.1% rise in just one year. Looking ahead, JLL projects a further rise of 21.6% in Manchester rents between 2023 and 2027.

In short, no. Despite the ongoing construction, various factors such as regeneration projects, improved connectivity, a strong local economy, and numerous educational establishments ensure a steady demand for rental properties in Manchester. The market is well-supported by continuous demand, mitigating the risk of oversupply.

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