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Why Invest in Stafford Property?

Stafford property investments are more promising than you might think. In fact, thanks to its consistency and recent rental demand, it’s becoming more appealing to those looking to diversify their property portfolio. 

A survey taken by Stafford County Council in 2022 showed that residents of the town had high life satisfaction, with 7/10 of those asked confirming they plan to remain there over the next five years (source). Key findings from the survey indicated that residents recognise the county’s economic growth, mirrored by the fact that Stafford has the lowest unemployment rates compared with other areas in the West Midlands (source)

Stafford is a 30-minute drive from Staffordshire University and only a 15-minute drive from the University’s Centre for Health Innovation. 90.0% of the people in Stafford have an NVQ1 qualification (source), which possibly justifies the area’s less-than-average unemployment rate of 3.2% (source)

Likely unknown to property investors who favour investments in bigger cities, Stafford has had consistent growth over the last twenty years, including in rental demand and property prices. As job opportunities, investment into local businesses, and housing developments grow, there’s no better time to invest in Stafford’s property market than right now.

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Stafford is increasingly becoming a more popular area in which to invest property. The town has seen steady growth in property prices over the last twenty years (source). This demonstrates a demand of people looking to live in an area that offers connections to major cities, whilst also benefiting from significant regeneration projects. 

For property investors, rental demand in Stafford has also expanded, with figures showing rental prices increased by 2.7% over the last year (source). Ultimately, Stafford has proven to be a consistent investment for those looking to expand their property portfolio.

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What's Fuelling The Growth In Stafford


In the past three years, Stafford has seen in excess of 1000 new businesses make the town its home (source). This has helped support a range of established industry sectors, as well as strong research and development in engineering, electronics, materials, and medical sciences. Stafford remains one of the larger towns throughout the county and is one of the most primary hubs for people to live and work (source). Ultimately, this makes it an attractive investment for property investors over the coming years.


The town has seen significant regeneration projects in recent years and is projected to in the future. The Stafford Station Gateway regeneration scheme will provide new homes, businesses, a multi-story car park and various leisure facilities to unutilised land surrounding the railway station. Meanwhile, Levelling Up funding of £20 million has been secured for the 28-hectare site to unlock its full potential (source). Such funding has made it a more attractive place to live, making it a great investment for property investors.


Stafford Borough has a population of over 137,000 people with a further three million living within 45 minutes drive time (source). This increased by 4.5% from 2011 (source). Whilst its population growth is slower than that of other major cities, Stafford is still popular with people of all age ranges. Young working professionals take advantage of its connected routes, meanwhile, people of retirement age settle in Stafford to appreciate the town’s rich history, range of facilities, and its many countryside walks.

Education Est.

Stafford College became the first further education provider in England to achieve top grades in every area of Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (EIF) (source). The college has also recently announced a £23m planned investment into a new skills and innovation hub – Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group (source). A new Institute of Technology for the Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group is also being built on part of the Gateway site – supported by £13 million of government funding and backed by Keele University, Siemens, and Dell among others (source).


Stafford is a town with key connected routes for those traveling up and down the county and ultimately, through the midlands. It boasts connections such as London, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, and Manchester (source). This has attracted many young working professionals to the area, especially popular with those looking for cheaper places to live whilst still being able to work in major cities. As such, it’s a great pursuit for property investors looking for high rental yields with long-term leases. 


Levelling Up funding in Staffordshire refers to the government’s plans to invest in the major road network in Staffordshire (source).

Improvements will be made to the A38, and old buses will be replaced with better real-time passenger information and bus stops. This will make it easier for people to travel through Stafford, Burton, and Cannock – so they can access work without a difficult commute.

Yes, Stafford is becoming an increasingly popular place to invest in property. The council’s recent plans to fund regeneration in the area, including a multi-million-pound retail development with new shops and restaurants, are attracting investors. This funding has spurred new housing developments, drawing visitors and potential renters to the area.

Additionally, Stafford’s central location in the heart of England, with excellent road and train links, makes it one of the easiest places in the UK to travel to. The growing population in Stafford is driving demand for housing, leading to increases in property prices and rental rates.

At Opulent, we seek locations that are not yet on mainstream investors’ radars but show excellent potential for growth in the next 5-10 years. While Birmingham has seen significant price increases, much of the growth may already be behind it. In contrast, Stafford offers an opportunity to buy low and sell high. Property prices in Stafford are below the national average, and the town shows great potential for population growth, regeneration, and economic strength. These factors make Stafford a promising location for property investment with excellent growth prospects.

The population of Stafford has grown by 4.5%, increasing from approximately 130,900 in 2011 to 136,800 in 2021.

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